Amazon® Linux® Deprecation

AWS™ Systems utilizing the Amazon Linux 1 Operating System will not be able to upgrade to cPanel & WHM Version 88


Amazon has set the end of life for its Amazon Linux 1 operating system to December 31, 2020. cPanel does not support end-of-life operating systems, nor does cPanel & WHM support installations on Amazon Linux 2.


cPanel will block new installations starting with Version 88 of any systems running Amazon Linux 1. Users who have Amazon Linux 1 installed as their operating system will see a deprecation notice in the WHM interface and will be prevented from upgrading to cPanel & WHM Version 88.

If you run an Amazon AWS instance on Amazon Linux 1, you will no longer receive operating system support from Amazon as of December 31, 2020. 

By not being able to upgrade their cPanel & WHM instances, Amazon Linux 1 users will be exposed to security vulnerabilities as well as prevent them from receiving new and updated features.

As operating systems cannot be swapped out on an instance, migrating to a new instance is the only course of action. Users that migrate their content to a new instance will more than likely experience a small period of downtime while their domains’ DNS updates to the new instance IP addresses.


Migrating to the official Amazon listing for cPanel & WHM allows new and existing users to take advantage of the fully supported version of cPanel and receive regular feature and security updates.

What you can do

New AWS users can select cPanel & WHM for installation from the AWS Marketplace listing to utilize the official supported version of the software.

Customers who wish to continue to utilize Amazon Linux 1 as their operating system are encouraged to use cPanel & WHM Version 86, as this is an LTS tier release.

Existing AWS users should migrate their systems to new server instances that have the supported version of cPanel & WHM installed. The Transfer Tool in WHM allows for a simple and painless migration process. Additionally, the cPanel Migrations Team is available for assistance should it be required.