Version 106

  • EDGE
    Released June 2022
    Released July 2022
    Anticipated TBD
    Anticipated TBD

Introducing cPanel & WHM® Version 106

We are happy to announce that cPanel Version 106 has now been released to the EDGE Tier! To see all the changes in v106, as well as detailed information about all cPanel & cPanel WebHost Manager versions, visit the Release Notes.

Also, feel free to join us on DiscordReddit, or our Support Forums!

Stay tuned for feature details when v106 reaches the RELEASE Tier.

Version 100

  • Jupiter – A Modern Theme
    For cPanel
  • WordPress Toolkit Is Now Included With cPanel
  • Full Support For MariaDB
    Version 10.6

Version 102 LTS

  • Full Ubuntu LTS Support
  • Jupiter theme in full release
  • New SQL Interface

Version 104

  • Vastly improved mail experience
  • A new SQL config UI
  • Easy identification of qualified customer upgrade

Version 106

  • The ability to customize the Favorites section
  • The return of user, hostname, OS, load average, and version info to the top navigation
  • Improved search functionality in WHM’s side navigation

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