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Make the Most of Your Free Trial

To complete a successful installation, you must first have the necessary hardware and DNS configuration, including:

A Hosting Server

Whether you intend to install your free trial on a VPS, a cloud-based hyperscaler, a dedicated server, or other hardware, please ensure:

  • Your server is running an approved Linux distribution (AlmaLinux, CentOS, or CloudLinux)
  • You have a full root access on your server
  • Your server meets our minimum system requirements

A Registered Domain

Although it is possible to install and manage cPanel using an IP or hostname , most users will want to register and point a domain name to their hosting server.

Configured Nameservers

For the domain you will be hosting, it is necessary to configure nameservers at the registrar level that will correspond to the ones you will later create on your server.

With all the above ready to go, itโ€™s time to experience the power of cPanel!

BYOL to a Hyperscaler Today

Whatโ€™s BYOL?

BYOL stands for Bring Your Own License, and allows users to move their cPanel & WHM license between different hosting providers.

cPanel & WHM License Mobility Helps Customers

This license mobility has made cloud services even more accessible because users can take their license with them when they change cloud providers or transfer to a different server as they scale up or down. The BYOL model allows cPanel customers to keep their costs low while choosing the platforms and services that work best for them, at any stage of their business.

  • cPanel & WHM licenses can be moved between different VPS and cloud solutions
  • Eliminates the need to purchase a new license when moving servers or IP addresses
  • Saves you time by having fewer licenses to maintain

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