EasyApache 3 to EasyApache 4 Automatic Conversion

Update scheduled for early 2020

Servers running EasyApache 3 are blocked from upgrading to the LTS (Long Term Support) Version 78. These servers will be automatically upgraded to EasyApache 4.


EasyApache 3 is blocking servers from upgrading to the most current LTS version of cPanel & WHM (Version 78). The autoconversion will result in healthy updated servers, and our customers won’t be left behind on old and unsupported versions.


Apache may break during this conversion which could leave websites broken. Items to consider:

  • Servers using custom optmods not provided by cPanel should be aware that the custom optmods will not be migrated and will need to be manually fixed.
  • Servers that are blocked from upgrading for other reasons such as lack of disk space will not be converted and will continue to be blocked.
  • Tomcat 7 customers will be migrated as-is but it is strongly advised that you transition to our new system based on Tomcat 8.5.


Updated servers have lower security risks. An exposed flaw or vulnerability can cause a security crisis that needs to be addressed urgently without time deploy resources, resulting in long waits for technical support while servers are vulnerable to being exploited. Keeping servers up-to-date reduces last-minute panic.

What you can do

If you upgrade to EasyApache 4 now, you will be able to see if your servers are affected by any of these issues and will still be able to roll back to EasyApache 3 while you apply a fix. This will minimize or eliminate any possible downtime for websites on your servers.

EasyApache 3 to EasyApache 4 Update Resources