cPanel SEO

A powerful and effective SEO platform for your business

cPanel SEO helps you increase website traffic and optimize your website content using state of the art keyword, rank tracking, and competitor analysis tools.


Search engine optimization for any website



cPanel SEO was designed to begin providing immediate value, whether for your personal website or your clients’ sites, from an initial site audit through recommendations to help improve your search engine results.


Small and Medium-sized Businesses

You don’t have to be an SEO expert to improve your business’s Google rankings. cPanel SEO will identify the best keywords for your business, while also keeping an eye on the performance of your competitors.

Improve your website content, rankings, and traffic

cPanel SEO delivers comprehensive and robust features that maximize your sites’ organic growth potential.

Keyword Research

Identify promising keywords, and discover keywords for which you already rank, to increase the quality of your traffic and improve your search engine results.

Rank tracker

Monitor your (and your competition's) overall ranking on any device. Add and monitor any keyword within or outside of our 53M+ keyword database.


Optimize your website with step-by-step directions receive, manage, and solve tasks based on your individual Site Audit results.

Text Optimizer

Using data-driven content optimization suggestions, you can tailor your website content to improve your Google ranking and better serve your visitors.

Affordable SEO for any budget



per month


per year 52% Discount
1 project | 1 user
2 competitor websites per project
500 keywords
2,500 pages to crawl per project



per month


per year 30% Discount
5 projects | 2 users
3 competitor websites per project
2,500 keywords
10,000 pages to crawl per project

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